Monday, 23 February 2015

Happy Monday

Monday already
No worries, one day closer

Seems a couple of our UK politicians read my blog and decided to get lively.. ( I joke.. this just seems like a 'well timed' reveal)
HSBC boss has a Swiss bank account for his bonuses.. lol.. can I have one? Awww go on... what if I say I like swiss rolls? [click]

I didn't watch the Oscars, and only found out last night what Birdman is about ( sounds like a good film)
Lupita looked nice.. need to check out some more outfits!
Oh , and well done to Common & John Legend also for their song Glory. ironically, neither's best song.
Still, they wear a suit well those guys

Please tell me .. was that Afroman seated behind Leonardo clapping at the end of their speech?
Tell me it wasn't was it!?.. if it was...watch yo neck Leonardo

Monday!!!! good morning all x
Now go make your money

Still sleeping?... here you go :)

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