Thursday, 12 February 2015

How does a food shop without food sustain itself?

Ti says he doesn't like going to Caribbean food shops as they never have any food

Says he feels abit like this...
He's going to the wrong shops!


  1. That is odd. Apparently there's a side business going on, and that's where the money is being made. Not good!

  2. There is a road not too far from me with back to back 'stores of the same nature'. I wonder how on earth that works at times also, because I remember back in the day when business owners had to do market research etc... check the location.. the competition and all that. This road clearly is an exception
    Just down the road from the police station so perhaps that's where they get thier business !
    They are very loving those officers ;)
    In all seriousness its not easy running a business so I wish them all the best. I do admire the self employed
    Just no dodgy business!