Monday, 23 February 2015

The only thing i have a problem with....

...Is the amount of dolls on that shelf, and those scary looking clowns
the whole place is screaming.. de-clutter de-clutter- de-clutterr

Seriously this woman is an ex UKIP MP. A Politician.
and you know how much I love my Politicians :)
I must do.. I can't seem to stop talking about them!
She is apparently an independent councilor now.
The key word there.is ... independant lol

So, she begins her tale by stating that she knows there is no way she can be a racist, then goes on to reveal she is
What karma from a past life could possibly cause this woman to have a problem with people she refers to as...'negroes'?
She wonders what is in her psyche, causing her to feel that way..... hmmm..shall I assist her?.....okay...
it's....white supremacy dumbass

This woman is old -old- old -skool racist. It feels like I'm watching a relic of the past. New skool racists don't operate like that . New skool racists have far more finesse.. panache. You gotta be sharp with 'new skool racism'. It can blind side you.
Old skool racists push black commuters off trains and chant silly chants.
New skool racists would subtly convince the person they have no right to take the train in the 1st place.
Sadly, I suspect there are many people who share her views.
Her mate summed it up well when she stated ...'this is ridiculous'.
The only thing I don't really believe her on, is when she says she doesn't know why. I suspect she knows why, but to state her reasons could be deeply embarrassing offensive and nasty.

Her description of negroid features is as limiting as her vocabulary

I didn't watch the documentary. I just came across this news feature on my phone last night. But I will say this...
The entire thing feels like I witnessed a private conversation that was not intended to be made public.
She spoke honestly.


  1. OMG it's hard to believe people like her exist!

    1. Like another world huh..
      I was gonna say thoughts such as these die out as they generations pass, but sometimes.. they find life somehow. She should relocate to Hackney :)
      what's scary is this woman has had a career working with people.. did she mention something about young people? *shivemetimbers*

  2. I really hate all that crap on her shelves, and I'm not fond of racists. I shall pray for racists all evening.


    1. yes , the dolls. Not keen
      Two miserable looking women and a possibly hen pecked man... a sitcom in the making