Tuesday, 10 February 2015

on being Mrs Kamara

Roll on Friday. ( day off- busy day)
Roll on April ( Graduation ceremony)
Roll on May ( tbc)
Roll on July Aug ( Away)
Roll on September ( birthday month)
most of all roll on Saturday!

We're so ready for our day on Saturday. My head hurts a bit now, what with one thing or another,( externals mainly) but i'm ready.
I will say this, my fiance is solid as a rock. If he's stressed he's not telling...and that's helping to keep me calm right now.
Our ceremony will be officiated by the Imam, who will bless us both etc. and will make sure we've both fully considered the serious nature of our undertaking.
I find that reassuring.
and who couldn't use a blessing?
the rest of the ceremony although traditional in his Culture is new to me. I get it though, it's straightforward and I like.

You know Culture and Identity is my thing right?
Well, I've been coming to terms with the new aspects of my own Identity, which requires that I expand in my thinking, and in my love. My identity has shifted a great deal in many ways, but interestingly, it's worth noting.. its construction is not a passive process.
Identity is not something which is exclusively done to us or we're stuck with.. it's something we can, and do, create, and recreate.. as many times as we see fit.

On Love

I remember having one child, and wondering (on discovering I was to have another) if I would have enough love to go around.
Well.. come the hour come the day, it was without question. the love was there, and required no coaxing.
..and again with my 3rd.
One thing I've come to learn about love is that we often place limitations on it's capacity...its ability... then wonder why it fails to' live up' to our expectations. We doubt it's power like we doubt our gods.

Loving my fiance has been, and is the easiest thing in the world for me.
It fills me with joy
plus almost overnight, I have an even larger family, many new friends to meet, and two boys to hug. That I have enough love to go around is a question I need not ask.
I know I do. It's simple.
My willingness to share and experience love is I hope, what keeps it ever present in my life
and I'm thankful.
To love can be scary
For sure
But what scares me more is its absence.
Don't believe me?
watch the news.

The theme of this years AU summit was; The “Year of Women’s Empowerment and Development towards Africa’s Agenda 2063”
Womens Empowerment must simply be assumed by women. Taken.
But like most things... it begins in the mind.


  1. I'll be thinking of you on your Big Day on Saturday! Valentine's Day will make the most perfect wedding day and anniversary date every year. Wishing you both all the happiness in the world!