Wednesday, 4 February 2015

The 'stupidest men' in 'Africa' ?

Are these two men, possibly...the 'stupidest men in Africa'?
Unfortunately, whilst it may make for a nifty post title.. I fear - they are not.
I suspect, there are a great many men... vying for that title, and who would make worthy contenders.
Today however, I have set my sights on these two.
Today, the title , goes to them.
Salva Kiir & Riek Machar.

After years of fighting the predominantly Arab dominated north of the country, South Sudan gained their independence in 2011. Thus becoming Africa's ( and the world’s) newest nation.
Just two years later, South Sudan descended into utter chaos.

The President, Salva Kiir, (on the left) sacked his deputy Riek Machar, ( on the right) after suspecting ‘ foul play’
The President, is an ethnic Dinka – and a member of the country's largest ethnic group, His ( ex ) deputy Riek Machar, is an ethnic Nuer - the second largest ethnic group.
This is why some people, rightly or wrongly see this dispute as an ethnic dispute.
This often happens in African countries experiencing conflict.
Conflicts are quickly consigned to the bin of ethnic difference.

So, despite mass killings, increased ‘ethnic conflict’, and IDP’s ( over 1.4 million in mid 2014) these two men cannot find it within themselves to sign a power sharing agreement.
Salva Kiir has stated in interview, that he will not share power with Riek.
I can understand his fear.
There’s a lot of water under that bridge now… not to mention human lives wasted.

I can also understand Riek’s frustration at perhaps having to serve under ( or alongside) a President who he may feel is incompetent, or lacking in whatever he feels it takes to develop the country, in perhaps, the way he would like.
They have, however, signed a ceasefire agreement last Sunday in Ethiopia’s capital; Addis Abba. Yippee....But apparently, they have done this 6 times before. groan.

I’m glad, but I will not compliment them for doing what they should have done long ago. ( and stuck to)
and it really is too early to celebrate.

It would be fair to assume that they really don’t like each other.

..and it would seem that they're both quite happy for their citizens to hate each other also.
Both men appear to have forgotten why they wanted independence in the 1st place, in fact I’m wondering why myself!.
I thought it was to free themselves from the oppressive yolk of the North.

Seriously? Anyone fighting for or on behalf of these two men really needs to stop - take stock and stop.
Think about who they are fighting for.
Because at present, these two, are looking like the two of the stupidest and most selfish men in 'Africa'.

The fighters are worth more than that, deserve better than that.
There's an old saying.. and it goes something like this...
"in the kingdom of the blind.. the one eyed man is King.."
.. and these two are riding that donkey til the end..
to be fair, it's not just them..
Any leader who stands in the way of the progression of their own people, is that one eyed man, and that one eyed man's reign rests on keeping his ( or her) people ( metaphorically ) blind.

Ironically, under questioning they both tend to say that they're not responsible for the fighting, but if that were true, why would their signing of a ceasefire agreement, make any difference?

South Sudan is also home to refugees originally from C.A.R, D.R.C and Ethiopia

Yes, these two wound me up today.


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