Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Labour's Pink Campaign Bus

I don't have a problem with the Labour Party's Pink campaign Bus.
It's attractive.
I don't find it patronizing at all.

I think that all too often, women who want to be taken seriously..( and which women doesn't - lets be honest) ... tend to feel an element of pressure to de-sexualize themselves. Find an unflattering, and an as 'conservative as possible suit', and erase any overt evidence of that female gender... 'man up'
Find a top that flattens the breast area, and a skirt that flattens the butt.

Is a pink Bus stereotyping women?.. maybe , maybe not..
There are women.. ( like me ) .. who quite like Pink.
and quite frankly...we deserve to be catered for dammit!.

Politics will be a turn off to many women, as many women have children, and the hours are often unsociable and not child or family friendly at all. We need a more honest discussion with regards to gender, and the differences that exist between men and women. It's easier for men to immerse themselves in thier careers, and the male dominated arena of politics, because more often than not they have a wife at home, cooking dinner, and taking care of the children.
I will refrain from saying that the men who walk the corridors of Westminister think they are the dogs nuts.. and believe they know it all. ( which is a turn off.. unlike a Pink Bus!)
Even if it were true.. I wouldn't say it :)

So just what's wrong with a pink bus?
Imagine if it smells good too!

You see.. that's what wrong with politics.
That creative flair is missing. Some of us want more style, more panache.
Cha...we women want nice things!.
Yes .. ALL of us.
.. and we are fed up trying to pretend otherwise.

You know what?
beer tastes like fart most of the time
we like to sit in the passenger seat of a nice car
we care about our friends and family
we may talk too much on the phone ( but if people actually listened 'real time' maybe that wouldn't be the case!)
housework sucks shite but we do it anyway
we want romance
we have a love hate relationship with politics
and a pink bust oops I mean Bus.. wont convince us to vote, if we've decided against it
Just how easy do you think we are?..
ermm .. any juice on that bus? snacks?.. yeah everyone like free snacks.. free smoke alarm?, mugs?.. perfume samples?
We can't be bought !!

I see the Bus says woman to woman
That's nice
But if you really want the involvement of women, you don't wait until election year to focus your efforts.
Or would you?

What's interesting is what many people think a woman , or women, may bring to the table; Care, understanding , patience, .. all these wonderful qualities.. sugar and spice and all things nice..
That's what little girls are made of.. right?

let me tell you... some women are harder than men
e.g A woman needs to be made of strong stuff to be able to cut off the clitoris of another woman. that's deep.
yep.. Women are very diverse..


  1. One of Russia's finest front line regiments in WWII consisted entirely of women. They wouldn't just take your clitoris Dawna, they'd have your head, legs, arms you name it lol. They were ruthless and STRONG. Allow me to think out loud for a moment - I'm not as coherent tonight as I usually am due to an asshole of an Australian Prime Minister waffling on in the background here and distracting me.

    Just some food for thought - when you look at tools used in Engineering, building, or machines used in heavy manufacturing throughout history - you soon realise that they have been designed for use specifically by men. The body shape of women has not been factored in. I think there's an example of what I mean in the Charlie Chaplin film 'Modern Times' (memory is hazy) - women for centuries have had this 'inferiority' complex beaten into them because they have on so many occasions been defeated by the world around them when attempting to use 'things' which were only designed for men to use. Men then point and say 'See, they can't do what we can'. Well yes they can and can even do it better if given a level playing field. Anyway, where was I going with this? Ah yes - Pink Bus - I kinda break that down this way - Blue Bus (or any colour other than Pink) would be the Female academic's choice - Pink Bus would be the popular choice. We don't all live our lives steeped in Academia or theory, or political correctness - So in a vote - The Pink's have it. Long live the Pink Bus.

  2. They sound like a real 'sweet ' bunch a lady's there.
    Your comment really made me laugh Rory, and taught me a thing or two as well!. You make a very good point about equipment design, and I agree with you about colour choice. Funny, Imagine...a female academic who likes Pink ( or admits to it) shock horror, how dare she .. letting the side down innit.
    I agree with you, i think the Pinks have it. I think it will attract men too.
    I read somewhere that when a woman goes on a date the best colour for her to wear to attract the heart of the man is... PINK.
    Apparently men like Pink. .. well...ermm..who knew lol!.