Wednesday, 18 February 2015

If a President can't kiss his wife in public. who can?

There has been a minor furore concerning the public display of affection the president of Malawi ( who I know little about) gave to his wife.
He tongue kissed her.
Me.. being the kissing expert that I am, will conclude that it was in fact, a very poor kiss ( sorry sir) ... but well done to him, for giving it a go.
The tentative appearance of tongue has me unsure of whether or not he wanted his tongue out, or was simply caught unawares.
We need more of this perhaps.
Yes, I think more African Presidents should show that loving side of themselves. People need to see romance...( in addition to getting food, jobs, shelter, clean water, education, sanitation, access to health services, electricity) . It's true... what we need not is to read of a sordid sex scandal.

Kiss connoisseurs will tell you that a peck involves no tongue.
The tongue should not really emerge until due pressure has been exerted on lips, ( preferably the bottom) and arousal has taken place. Too much tongue too quick is a turn off
It's interesting to me that it's a scandal at all. The innocence of it is sweet.

here's an excerpt...
'As others scrutinized photos or replayed the video of the kiss, they argued that the kiss itself was alright but that the use of the presidential tongue in kissing for television was the real issue at hand. They argued that using ones tongue to kiss ones wife was not befitting for the highest office in the land '[ click for more on the story ]

All in all.. I think it was cute.
They should give him a break.. It was Valentines day after all...

For anyone who needs the practice....
here's ....

How to French Kiss

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