Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Cast no spells - and let Albinos live

I used to read my horoscope alot.
I'm a Libran. I say it often, as I can relate to the things that are said about Libra women.
Some of us wear lucky pants, or have a good luck charm
How many of us pray? (with health and strength possibly being the most prayerful payer of all.
Those of us who believe... will say that prayer works.
it offers comfort, if nothing else.

How many of us will see those practices s as a form of witchcraft?
No many I'm sure
but some... may.
and there is an argument to back such a viewpoint

As far as I am concerned, there is a clear difference between the reading of a horoscope, a good luck charm, or prayer, and the killing of a human being for thier body parts to be used for potions/spells.
That. Is witchcraft.
When I speak of body parts, I'm thinking of albinos.

I have an even greater empathy for people with albinism after watching the film 'White Shadow' last year.
I had heard about the ritual kidnapping and killings of albinos across parts of South Africa initially, for some time now, and find it very disturbing
Witchcraft may be as old as dust but I'm no fan of it.

I find it worrying that anyone should seek to cause harm to another using witchcraft, or place their fate in the hands of witch doctors, in the hope that thier lives will improve.
It disturbs me that some parents ( often fathers) will sell thier children's parts.

To be clear, I understand people seeking to aid or enhance their chances or good fortune... but not to harm others.
Evil spells, are just that.. evil

Witch doctors have their place in certain cultures I'm sure
But unregulated it's a free for all
Those responsible for kidnapping albinos should be punished for such crimes, because that's what they are.. crimes.

If they must practice, why do they not simply use herbs
and leave humans and animals out of the mix [ture].

I'm not disputing that thier are those among us who may have a 'gift'.
Some people are clairvoyant, visionary's or whatever name you wish to give them.

But what is taking place in places like Tanzania is simply a business.
It's the trade in human flesh./ The manipulation of one vulnerable person to another - even more vulnerable

So you can imagine how I feel about anyone turning to Witchcraft to aid thier chances of re-election..
I'm trying to figure out if these 'election tactics' are the actions of the desperate, the hopeful, or the just plain lazy..
It's a real shame
What would a witch doctor ( guilty of this practice) do.. if they had an albino child, whom they loved dearly. Seriously, what would they do
Please, leave them be, let them live
They are people just like you.


  1. I read my horoscope too, Dawna. This Pisces often relates to what is written about Pisceans. I thought it was interesting how you juxtaposed lucky pants, good lucks charms, and prayer. I never thought of it like before! Prayer is a comfort, but I often wonder why my prayer would be answered when others' aren't. You are absolutely right about what is witchcraft and what isn't. One is clearly evil. I remember your mentioning this film before, because I have known several albinos in my past. The thought that they are being killed to sell their body parts for witchcraft is horrific. I don't think I could see this film. You have such thought-provoking posts, my friend!

  2. It's watchable Fundy, moving, so not just horrific.
    the soundtrack also, ( instrumentals) is also very effective. Makes you think
    I vaguely remember an albino round my way and at school growing up, seemed to completely vanish