Monday, 16 February 2015

The fall of Robert Mugabe

What the memes of Robert Mugabe's fall showcased, is that either...

There are many who are longing to see him fall...

or...some people have got way too much time on thier hands.. :)

Or.. some among us enjoy treating our elders with contempt...

One thing's for sure.. the world still holds a fascination with this old freedom fighter
and to be honest.. I am one of them.

There are some who argue that at 90, ( soon to be 91 later this month) his team can no longer deny he is aging and his health is not what it once was. I have read reports arguing that the 'African strong man' image is unhelpful to the continent, especially as many countries endure a culture that sees many leaders wanting to cling on to power at all costs.
So they say.
Listen up..
Everyone loves power.
I know of no leader who will readily give up power if they didn't have to ( remember Thatcher's tears?)
Often I believe that many leaders harbour a real fear that should they relinquish power, thier successor will undo many many years of hard work, or will lead the country into an unfavourable direction
Listen up

The best leaders plan for thier secession
( but historically the best African leaders have been denied that opportunity.. resulting in coups and chaos)
A leader shouldn't wait for that...
Think just how amazingly reassuring it must be to know that when you step away from the podium.. your words and vision can continue to an even greater height.. if you've prepared others well enough

Mugabe's a fighter
Current Chairman of the African Union and still going strong.
Those waiting for the fall of Robert Mugabe really need to chill
Remember why he fought for what he fought for
Sure he wasn't the only one..
but somebody had to

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