Wednesday, 4 February 2015

One day perhaps ..

...African people at home, abroad, and across the diaspora will begin to realize that they are truly one people
That more unites, than divides them
I hope that they will continue to question antiquated ideas about who they can or cannot be in relation to each other
That they begin to recognize the colonial voice when it begins to raise up from within... and silence it.
That it's okay.. to like each other.

One day perhaps, more black African's will visit places like the Caribbean and visa versa.
It never ceases to amaze me just how many who consider themselves 'African'.. only know Jamaica.
Errrm Hello!.. Jamaica is not the only Island!....
I guess that many may know of Bob Marley
..of Rasta
..of weed.
For some reason, they seem to know very little else.
Only by venturing to these lands perhaps will things become clearer and history begin to make sense beyond the page
To see adaptations of each others customs, being lived in another space
Re awaken the senses
heal the rifts

Anyway, If you speak not of African unity, if you struggle or are uncomfortable with it...how then can you speak of world unity?
You know what I mean?
One day perhaps we will find peace, especially as many have known war for so long

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