Wednesday, 25 February 2015

MP's earnings

Lots of people have second jobs.
For many, a second job is required to raise the family income to a level which will keep the family's heads above water.
We're often told that the largest group of new benefit claimants are those in work.
They are known as the in work poor.
The 'In work poor' silence the notion that the poor ( in the UK) are lazy.

For those with second jobs, there is no such thing as a work life balance. or .. in many cases.. savings.
They work these second jobs because they have to, and the resulting impact is minimal time remaining for thier loved ones.

It's incomparable with the current... 'should MP's have a second job ' saga.

A UK MP'S salary is £67,060.
Whether you like your MP or not.
Whether they respond to your letters or not
Whether you feel fairly represented or not ...
That's the wage.
In addition, they are entitled to MP's expenses.
In the main.. I think its a fair wage [click]

However....many people, earning much less, are not paid a fair wage.
0 contract hours appear like the devil in a blue dress
They are unpopular, but offer a glimmer of hope to those seeking employment.
A days pay here, a weeks pay there, a month...
0 contract hours offer little in the way of security, but a great deal in the way of stress

For many of our MP's, being an MP is lucrative. They are able to charge for speaking engagements ( if they possess that talent) , run businesses, enjoy a second or third job, with little fear of keeping 'head above water'
Those in that position need not fret the small stuff

The question of whether or not an MP should exploit thier position, is a bit of a red herring
I say give them £100,000 per annum if you see fit.. it doesn't bother me
The real issue, as I see it, is what can be done to make this a fairer society.

and with that in mind....are they a help to the process, or a hindrance

have a good night x

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