Monday, 2 February 2015

Being British

Being able to travel, ( funds permitting) relatively freely.
Thank god for that

What is it about the British passport that makes it possible.
I love my passport .
But it is perhaps, the biggest symbol of cultural imperialism, outside of skin colour and language spoken

When we begin to look at any passport and feel the same, and grant each individual the same privileges
When we no longer judge the content of ones character from the colour of the passport,
When we refrain from placing others onto the scale of human worth.. of intelligence, as a result,
When the right to travel freely is granted to everyone, then perhaps this globalization thing, will be more than a myth, and something to be enjoyed and explored by all, and not just a few

I'm British, but I refuse to be blind to the injustices of others
Is that also being British?.. or is it simply being me.


  1. I love my passport too. I use it for identification.

  2. Oh yes.. that's the other great thing.. it's the strongest I.D