Friday, 27 February 2015

Why steal phones?

Thank god it's Friday
I'm glad about it.
Its been a busy week and I'm definitely ready for rest and relaxation

Something caught my attention on the local news today, and it was that 'we the public' need to be careful when using our phones in public, as incidents of phone theft / robbery has gone up.
This, ( below) is a very reasonably priced Mobile phone [click]
.. and this is why there is absolutely no excuse for phone theft.
.. anyone desperate for a mobile phone can pretty much get one.
It may not be a 'smart phone'
but its' a phone.

To steal a phone from another in this day and age appears to have little to do with a genuine need to make a call or send a text.
It's deplorable
I guess those who steal mobile phones, do so to sell them at a profit. But again it' s not really cool is it.
and we cant complain about the system, if we 'ourselves' are guilty of behaving just as badly...

I remember someone put it this way once.. 'using your phone in public is like standing on the street waving £500+ around'
Me being me, I think someone should be able to do so if they want to, and not have it taken from them.. but that's me being naive. . I know.

It's a chicken a egg situation
Bottom line.. we are the system.. we all play a role in it
If we don't want to be stolen from.. we shouldn't really steal

I appreciate that there may sometimes be genuine reasons for needing to do so...
but that's a separate discussion entirely


Do you remember when we made our calls in one of these?
I used to run to the end of the road, and around a corner.. wait on the wall if occupied, in anticipation and eagerness
In hindsite, making a call was a bit of an event

Do you remember these?
Often seated on a 'phone table' in a hall...
who knew then, that technology would evolve to what it is now..
it's quite an achievement really
cant say I feel the same about phone theft..


  1. We had one of those phones (in the last photo) in black. When they started to come in colors, they were for rich, fancy people. Making a long distance call was an event, and God help us if we made noise while Mother was on the phone. I have a smart phone, but it's an inexpensive one. I don't use it in public unless it's an emergency. I'm not much of a talker anyway. Shocking, I know.


  2. I am surprised to hear you say you're not a talker.. :)
    I talk quite a bit on my phone....can't help it at the moment
    We had the red phone.. it was so exciting when it was installed.. yeah, right up there with new carpet