Friday, 6 February 2015

Mavado - Ghetto Bible - A little dancehall for Friday

I was intrigued by the title.

I've lost count of the number of songs by Jamaican dance hall artists that tackle the subject of badmind, disloyal freinds, and jealousy.
Whilst these are world issues, it's clear that there are possibly deeper reasons for that.
Some lyrics are fantasy lyrics..
But I fear these are not
What's unfortunate is that they don't seem to have yet worked out that if poorer communities refrained from fighting each other, it's possible that thier quality of life could improve. At the very least the could organise themselves to present a strong case to thier leaders, who undoubtedly exploit them as and when they are of use.
Election time.

My 'favourite' 'badmind' song lol!... Is ......Badmind fi the Year

I don't think another is needed.
" even if dem say mi badmind.. a ketch mi ketch it cause nuff bwoy born with it "...
It's funny, and he's too cute that I Octaine

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