Sunday, 22 February 2015

Election year?! - Elephant Man - Do The Right Thing, Chi Ching Ching Ft Beenie Man & Popcaan - Way Up, SQB - Piss go sleep

I'm waiting for the UK's general election campaign to become interesting.
there's little to blog about it.
It's as boring as F**k
Legal but immoral tax avoidance by big business, rich donors of political parties ( somebody's got to fund them) unemployed to work for free....what else...?
We're missing some big characters in politics, with really strong passionate, well informed, and polarizing opinions.
best thing Miliband can do is bring back Prescott. there's a reason for that [click]
Both major parties are bland, bland , bland ( they often like to say things in 3's politicians :))

Tax avoidance we're often told by the powers that be, is theft.
For example, when those on low incomes make a mistake and over-claim on 'benefits' whilst working ( or something like that - even if the error is simply a bureaucratic administrative one) they are often shown lack of sympathy and understanding. Sometimes the outcome is a prison sentence.

Ironically, the only people that seem to have a problem paying tax is those who can afford it most.
I don't mind paying tax... and I certainly wouldn't mind paying if I were a millionaire or even a billionaire. heck double my current wage and I still wouldn't mind.
Why should I?
Tax assists others. It helps those in need, ...pays for public services, and stops the country descending into an immoral hell. We all benefit at the end of the day.
To coin a phrase.. 'we're all in this together'
But we're not really are we....

Yes, the aim of business is to provide a service and make profit..
But the rich should not avoid tax.
and politicians should not facilitate that process.

Yes UK politics is boring right now... in the meantime... This video made me smile

Nice to see Beenie Man ( plus a guest appearance from Konshens:)

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