Saturday, 28 January 2012

Big Bro...'Original Jah Youth Selector'...ft Morgan Heritage..

If I trace back my love of music, it possibly stems from the fact that my brother had a solid and varied record collection, was always drafted in to 'control' the gram when time came to entertain the adults.. and later on cemented his role as the 'selector' for Jah Youth Sound..
Everyday before he went out he would say to me
" don't touch my records!!".. yeah right...
.. everyday when he got back I was in his room playing those records till my hearts content..
He'd just shake his head... inspect them all, and curse if there were any scratches..

In fact, he bought me my 1st ever guitar; a bass guitar ( which I still have)as I had a passion for, and used to play the bass..
the coolest ever prezzy then!..

Anyway.. I feel a bit guilty now, having made fun of him recently over the 'fish bone affair'.. it took a turn for the worse and he had to go back to the hospital.. with a raging fever, abscess, infection, and is in alot of pain.. damn... not funny anymore
He's at this moment awaiting an operation.. so I'll be heading off shortly to see how he's doing..
He likes Morgan Heritage.. so... with no need to raid his collection anymore..
this is for him...

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