Tuesday, 31 January 2012

In the lap of the gods..

Thinking of you Simone at chocolate covered daydreams
get well soon..
The line of your post caught my attention.. "Who knows how and why things happen the way the do..." It's a question I often ask myself... and have no defining answer..
That one remains in the lap of the gods for me..
A few things have occurred quite unexpectedly in the lives of a few people close to me.. to shake them up quite a bit.. and like them.. I don't know why..
Why..? that's a big question
often it's the 1st thing we ask when we're hurt, or confused...
I find more recently.. I tend to go silent..

It's quite early in the year.. but it's been quite eventful
let's pray that we all receive blessings this year .. that the only exclamation will be wow.. ‘humbleness’ and thanks
Stay strong one and all.. x

..in gods hands


this song came to mind.. simply for the line.. back in gods hands... x

1 comment:

  1. I can empathise with your sentiment and there is some truth in what you are saying.

    The very core purpose of crises in anyone's life is for the purpose of prompting them to ask the big why? Question and then to seek the answer through their own efforts.

    God uses crises as a method of last resort to get people to open their eyes and realise the cause and effect relationship between their unconscious thoughts and unconscious actions.