Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Captains log; stardate 25/01/12

I've landed on an unfamiliar planet...

When it’s quiet like this I get a chance to think and reflect. Not sure if that’s always a good thing (it's not) but it’s a thing.. i do.. regardless.
Speaking of things ..they don’t always go according to plan, case in point.. I had a visit from my bro, and ended up taking in the history of the black panther party, the ego and the id, prosperity churches, and a whole lot more..
Where he stores all this information , god only knows
Still, I was at least able to keep up... to a point.

I’m looking forward to the weekend.. it’s been a long week.. I’m tired, and I’ve had enough
yes, bring on the weekend.. let me sleep for two days
I feel a few days leave on the horizon..

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  1. It's been a long week for me too. I can't wait for a little rest and relaxation.