Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Voicemail.. nice tune/soft times soft people, tough times tough people..

My eyes are fighting to stay open.. I am particularly tired this evening, but I have managed to engage my brain and study.. this song woke me up a bit.. gave me a new boost of energy..
The dramas in Celebrity Big Brother had me gripped last night.. 1st episode I'd seen since the launch and boy was that something...
Denise Denise... somebody give that woman a hug... pronto!
Romeos doing well... how cool is he?.. nice chap

I've had a few weeks off from the study of race and ethnicity ( not, I'm sure, that anyone would have noticed.. as it tends to crop up in my conversations anyway) but I'm back and committed to my deadline.. it's actually more complex than one would expect.. but very interesting.. which I will duly share when the time comes..


Not sure what the crime statistics say but there seems to be an increase of violent crime.. or at least there's the perception of an increase..
times are tough.. and the pressure is biting... when it bites.. people bite..snap.. so what could turn that bite around?

There are times when I catch myself sounding like a Tory.. taking a slightly harder line on the plight of some, than even I would normally expect of me..
Sometimes I wanna scream at job seekers... or 'the poor' 'the disadvantaged' ( or any one who may 'fit' any of those negative labels 'we' place on others...) no words... just a scream... like a dolphin perhaps.. in the hope that they get the message I'm trying to convey..

"eekkeeekekkekkekkkeekk"... or some such..

I hope they hear, and believe me when I say that they hold more power and control over their own lives than they may at first believe
Perhaps some of us need to exit the victim mentality and rediscover the inner strength we posses... I have been as guilty as the next man or woman... depending on the circumstances.. and there are times when I've unwittingly encouraged it in others also... thinking I was being kind or supportive.. not realising that in reality, I was perhaps helping to keep them stuck.. in a negative cycle..
Still.. when you know .. you can do something about it

Left or right

There are times when I'm less tolerant I guess... of excuses.. which makes me wonder if anyone could ever have a total and absolute political affiliation..

You may lean further one way or another, but depending on the situation it may call for a completely different approach .. hmmmm
Just so you know though... I'm not a Tory

Have a nice eveningx


  1. gwan studying lady :) more grease to your elbows as you meet your deadline!

    I've been catching the odd round up on CBB and it's got me magnetised. Denise! I love her car crash antics! not one to be allowed around the alcohol, but would definitely be fun to hang with for the dramatics. the twins, butt implant?

    we have more power than we think its just that a lot of people choose not to exercise their boundaries, accepting to wallow in victim hood. still we empathise cos shit is real out there and things worse than expected. God bless us all

  2. Hey C!... thanks!

    Yes CBB.. gripping stuff.. i was on the phone at the time it kicked off.. and refused to speak any more...it demanded my full attention :)
    Yes butt implants methinks.. :))maybe Denise wanted to check..

    Things are tough out there.. and yeah I empathise as it's not nice.. we just gotta do all we can and pull together when possible.. we have it in us to achieve great things.. each one of us..