Saturday, 21 January 2012

Thought of the day.. self determination

Everyone should have the right to self determination..
Yet the reality is very different
The reality is that most people are controlled by events or restrictions outside of themselves... which they had no say in, or over...

Self determination is currently under economic control.. where money is king..

To poor people.. especially those in developing countries, money equals freedom..
they can go, or send their children to school, buy clothes/shoes/toiletries, buy a home... live a little, travel, and see the world.. they can escape the violence of their parameters... purchase health care..

People with money tend to desire more money... but mainly the desire is to keep hold of it... money for the rich equals defence.
But where defence is required.. has real freedom been achieved?

Every one has the right to self determination
But self determination... can be like sand through the fingers....

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