Tuesday, 31 January 2012

It's so Coldddddddddddd!!!

I struggle to function as normal when it's cold like this.. part of my brain and body goes into hibernation, and I actually get very tired as I expel so much energy in the day trying to stay warm that come the evening, I have very little left..
No.. some of us really need the warmth.

My nephew doesn't mind the cold... he's nuts..
If I could.. I would get an electric heater and put it by my desk all day... in fact.. I'd probably be super duper productive..
this cold business is doing my head in...

What's keeping me from screaming at anyone and every one .. turn the f****** heating UP!!.. is the fact that after this 'cold snap', Spring is on the way!!.. my favourite time of year..
Roll on Spring.... Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.x

Ps .. I hate air conditioning... can we just go back to opening windows in summer pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee... it's natures way.. what's the point of suffering cold winters.. only to sit in freezing cold offices in the summer?

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  1. by the time I got home last night I couldn't feel my feet! off to tesco to buy a second fan heater