Wednesday, 25 January 2012

'Everybody's' eating Kentucky now..

There was a time when a lot of women used to say they didn’t want ‘British born black men’. They’d say they wanted a ‘Caribbean man’ as they were more loving, hard working, willing and able to cook, not afraid to rub your feet after a long day or massage your back, they’d get up early in the morning and work all day, were great providers, loyal, disciplined, were happy to take care of the children, (even those who were not his own) and were great in bed.

Following on from that, there seemed to be quite a few ‘mixed’ marriages... lots of men from Jamaica marrying ‘British girls’.
Of the women I know who have tried a ‘mixed marriage’ ... those ‘ qualities’ that were initially there in abundance... faded away..for many of these men, suddenly became very British indeed.. with a love of Kentucky to rival any Brixtonian or Hackney-ite

Things have changed a bit.
The Carribean has changed alot..

Nowadays... very few people seem to love home cooking, with hard food like green bananas, dasheen and yam...
Caribbean men are not necessarily the ‘early rising’’ hard working dudes of old... if they ever were... fact is... it could have been nought more than a fairy tale
Men are men... the world over right?

But it’s not just women who have made that 'mistake'
A ‘mate’ of mine wanted a ‘sweet girl from Nigeria’... so off he went in search of his bride... found a 'pretty virgin' and married her.
Back in the UK and within months, that was on the rocks... she was more into £££'s and pence... than '££ded yam'...
He couldn’t afford her demands ( he didn't earn enough)... she was no ‘village girl’ at heart... she wanted the bling from London to LA

(But to be fair.. that's the 'package' he sold when he was out there)
Oh how we can get it wrong

I feel a little sorry for the women who have married these men because they love them, and selfishly , a lot of these men only really have one thing in mind... passport. So all the love... time and effort they bestow on these men is wasted...

Suspect they may be thinking.. hmmm. maybe the 'fish and chip guy' wasn't so bad after all .. would have saved on the plane fair.. at least

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  1. How ironic, just walked back in from a cigarette break with a colleague of mine and we were talking on the very same subject.

    Dawna I'm gonna have to buy you a drink sometime, catch a game of snooker and kick some ventilation, our domes are very much on the same wavelength. right get your deadline outta the way and holla