Thursday, 26 January 2012


Sometimes in life we've just gotta trust that everything will be okay. That's things will maneuver around you until they are finally in place.. events and circumstances, even people at times..
Whatever the universe has ordained for you

While I waited for my brother to put his 'puffer' ( just can't leave it alone can I) jacket to one side, and enjoy his '1st 'ever' ( according to him) plate of hospital food, he handed me a book to read to 'while away the time'..

I can't remember what it was called, but it spoke of how we create our reality.. ( a conversation I have had quite recently with someone) and it spoke of self love, removing blocks, receiving and giving love, and self respect..

I have battled with the notion of how someone in perhaps, a developing country with no food or water could have created that reality, but I am beginning to have a much clearer understanding of the concept.
I have experience in my own life of how my visions of joy manifest in my reality..
and I'm sure they do so in the reality of others also..

Often we are able to create a clear vision when our minds are free from blocks or negativity..and, different things work for different people.. some people meditate.. some read.. others smoke

Why have I called this post Trust?
Because... I Trust.. right now.. I Trust..I choose to as it feels right.. I find that angst tends to be the result of an absence of it...
so this is me...today :)( yes.. all subject to change any time, depending on which Dawna's at the controls :-)

NB *I have struggled with it (Trust) in the past for, oh... so many reasons... but.. I'm pleased..as we seem to be coming to an understanding... trust me ( no pun intended... I don't take trust for granted... I think you need trust to love...

Although... I have heard others say they love someone or something but they don't trust them...or it


  1. hope brother is okay, I once had an experience with stuck bones. trust me (really, no pun intended) the worst thing ever

    trust in my opinion is an abstract ideal. can you completely trust someone to have your back in every situation? be it in love, health, a good old fight? if you hedge your position with a very close someone (or yourself), even at 1%, is it still considered trust? I feel we make do with the inner feeling that they've got our backs when it really really matters - but is that still trust?

  2. Hmmm that sounds more like hope..
    Trust in some ways I think is as much about our emotional responses to situations... as that's where the hurt or pain stems from..But to not feel hurt over a breech of trust would require an emotional detachment of the highest order, which may also disconnect you from experiencing more pleasant feelings also.. for me no way to really live
    To feel hurt or pain at some point is abit like death and taxes... must be done
    Still...Trust for me is an absence of doubt. can it ever truly be achieved to the fullness.. hmmm, I believe so
    But it's not easy
    Got to battle with fear/s and the fact that each person has their own free will..

    Yet It feels good no?.. scratch that.. it feels great; when someone really trusts you.. and visa versa

    Turns out my bro had 2 bones stuck, they got one and one is still to be removed so he must go back. I told my son he said... “how many bones did he eat!?!... just how hungry was he!?!...before giggling..
    ( caring as ever... like his mum?.. 'nephews'... I have no deisre to eat fish with bones.. they scare me.. filet filet filet..or salmon or tuna please

  3. lol! I swear I saw boneless fish in Tesco, is there such a thing? don't all animals have bones? was that like Sunny D? had me scratching my head for a minute. must watch the discovery channel more :)))