Sunday, 22 January 2012

Crisis in the Congo

Documentary quote.. "Congo is one of the worst places in the world to be a woman or a girl"

I came across this documentary last night, found it shocking, insightful, and very informative.

Four years ago I was relatively ignorant of the plight of the Congo, and to some extent still am, but I'm learning..
I've been reading about King Leopold's brutal tactics in the Congo, and many of the more recent atrocities began to click into place... brutality is learned.. no excuses.. but it sheds light on many aspects of torture

see the colonization of the Congo documentary

To be honest there's a large part of me that still doesn't get it.. how human beings can treat each other in such a appalling way.. and I struggle and shudder to think it may all be down to the pursuit of money and wealth

Anyway.. this is the documentary should you wish to know a little more..
* warning contains very graphic scenes of death and violence*

See also.. The Assassination of Patrice Lumumba

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