Wednesday, 18 May 2011

1st Loves... 1st crushes

A Friend of mine bumped into his 1st crush today. He had a crush on this girl all throughout secondary school - but was too shy to tell her. I watched him transform from the grown man he is today back into that young school boy - blushes included. It was quite sweet.
Made me think about my 1st crush.
I think.. in fact I know I had a few... but possibly the absolute 1st crush was a boy who lived a few blocks away. He never actually went to the same school as me and my memory of how he looked is a little vague now but I remember his name was Andrew and his family moved to America - so that was that.

The most defining memory of him though was the fact that he would knock for me almost every day to take me for a spin around the block on his red chopper bike. Now a chopper bike was the coolest bike ever. So if you had one you got instant cool cred. I remember he was really confident and was able to manage the bike - and passenger very skillfully. i thought I was so special - getting all this wonderful attention from the coolest boy in the area as he never picked up anyone else

I would never recognise him now - but the bike - absolutely. It makes me wonder if I had a crush on him or the bike! I can't really separate the two!
He was cool - the bike was cool.. nuff said

I wonder if elements of that still exist even when we become grown women. Do we attach things to men in much the same way and struggle to separate the two? The job -the house - the car?
It doesn't have to be something expensive - it could be a very minor thing which just triggers something in you

Is it wrong to do so?... or are the purchases/choices we make just aspects of our personality? something that sets us apart from others - showcases who we are as people..

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