Monday, 30 May 2011

What upset presenter Ben at 'upmarket' Awards Show?!?

This article features in the mail online today.

Passed my way in Twitterville and I had a quick glance.

It's a weird article.. took all I had not to think awww didums what with all the odd references to musical theatre and ballet??..and the desperate need to justify ones self

Even the title is odd - 'I'm from Surrey not Harlem' ... so would it have been okay if he was from Harlem?!?

One wonders if Bens real upset was at being called the N word at all - or whether it was the realisation that others noticed that - and to his horror he was reminded that - he is in fact..'coffee coloured' as he puts it...

(that'll be milk coffee I presume.. ;-)


  1. The not from Harlem line cracked me up. Ben's too far removed to offer a clear response. see people have time for silly conversations, I would up-sided the guy and left him pleading with a bloody nose, only way sometimes

  2. It was the 'i'm a trained ballet dancer' that got me... eh?!? :-0

    So many issues so little time.. even less desire x. Hey where's Pete Doherty when you need him.. I suspect he could have shown Ben a move or two ;-)lol not that we condone the use of violence!!..perish the thought!!

  3. Well lets face facts the media sells huh positive or Negative at the best of times rather un fortunate state of affairs there but only a coward would use that word when they have back up......sad but true this incident will certainly not be the last...perhaps Ben's reflexes were too slow on this occassion and yes perish the thought if anyone cosses him again!!!!

  4. Anyone know what Ben is a presenter of?? Other than poor references to Harlem - 'gangster' rap?..and the odd pirouette!!:)

    Wel.. this may up his profile I guess.. if nothing else.

    Ode to Ben
    Morning Ben rise and shine.. this is Hackney calling.. seems you were a bit behind

    Can't be nice - to have experienced that..
    But many experience worse.. and that's a fact:)
    Oh...I hear there are some great dancers in Harlem..

    P.S I'm not shocked by the 'un-named celebs' outburst. I'd luv him to have a drink in Harlesden.. get 'drunk ' and try that..now that would be something!..