Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Freddie Mcgregor ..

With the multitude of songs and albums available by F.M this album to me is his best!! my fav..! - a must have for any Freddie Mcgregor fan
Things seemed simpler then. Whether they were or not people seemed happier... More content within themselves - grounded in something. Music spoke of hope and not hate -love and less war..even dancehall.. Then I was fairly young when this came out so maybe I have attached it to a more innocent and carefree time. There's a word for that in NLP - ( can't remember what it is) where you hear something and it can trigger a good feeling or image or whatever. Yeah.. maybe I've NLP'd myself!

I wonder ... does music influence our behaviour or does our behaviour influence our music
Can music sum up a nations mood? Does it tell our story?

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