Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Obama puts the 'Great' back in 'Great Britain' - speaking in Westminister today..

John Bercows introduction included..Want to see the character of a man? Give him power!..nice intro

Obama spoke of a future that is 'Peaceful - prosperous - and Just'
Great speech today in Westminster.. did Obama almost put the Great back in Great Britain?.. you decide.. here it is in full
*you may want to grab some cookies and tea.. it's quite long..

Obamas speech to UK parliament

The lovely 1st Lady was in Oxford today speaking to students


  1. Our president could never be accused of speaking too little. He is one helluva speaker though.

  2. I must admit - I did'nod off' at one point. woke up and he was still speaking! I agree though..Fantastic speaker