Sunday, 29 May 2011

Cadburys Race Row?

Term of endearment?

Whilst some may consider being refereed to as yummy chocolate a term of endearment - others may consider it to be an insult.
To refer to the 1st lady in terms of chocolate is a definite reference to her colour - and to say move over Naomi also implies that Naomi's the only other black female worth being compared to.

How about the term exotic - I've been referred to as that before and it's a bit... well...weird. Exotic to me means foreign - dark - unusual ... god knows...
I'm actually perhaps as exotic as Hackney Marshes truth be known but clearly I live a dual life. ( need to trace my lineage )

The Diva thing? That implies a person who's a bit stroppy - pushy - spoiled - pouty... and whilst I'll admit that I... like most women can be all of those things any month of Sunday... it's a term usually reserved for Black females... oddly enough .. singers or actresses.

Tyra Banks..yummy hot chocolate?

You can read Lee Jaspers take on it in my blog list below - or you can read it here...

Fact is though.. some women do refer to themselves as chocolate - sometimes refer to men it that way also India Aires Brown Skin is an example of that...

Perhaps Cadburys would have kept it on point and relevant if they had said move over Diane (Abbott) there's a new .. political.blah blah.. Nah.. plus our Diane would have possibly had a political field day with that one...;-)

What's clear is... Naomi Campbell still reigns supreme in the eyes of many - but how long are we 'gonna' work that for - when there are so many other black female models out there waiting to be recognised and perhaps given the same level of profile and exposure.

Jourdan Dunn - Londoner


  1. *sigh* the machine is never quite sure how to relate to us. one hand demonized, the other exotic like chocolate. I was watching a catwalk show held in South Africa (voxafrica) and the way the white fashionistas went about selecting a black model ... sometimes you have to laugh :)

    D, download http://siamrootsical.blogspot.com/2011/05/richie-spice-roots-n-culture-mixtape.html - great mixtape if you like richie's music

  2. Yes it's great to have a sense of humour:)
    Have you ever seen the film, as good as it gets? where Jack Nicholson can't help but put his foot in his mouth, make blunders, practically insult Helen Hunt ( I think that's who it was) despite the fact that he loves her?..he adores her!! One of my all time favourite movies with Jack... well... oddly enough, it's a bit like that sometimes!!

    That's a nice way of looking at things I think

    Wow Chrome there are some great tunes on this site ( siamrootsical) thanks for the 'tip!!' Voxafrica - tuned in.. very interesting - lot's of news, stories..discussions.. tuning in now!

  3. You're a woman with that good ear for ital tunes so I knew you'd appreciate.

    Ever been to Hootannny down Brixton?

  4. You know I haven't!!.. I think Bob Andy did a show there end of last year - that caught my ear and I had planned to go... you recommend?

  5. yeah man! highly! perhaps we can link up there still, it would be nice to meet fellow blogger.

    another good recommend is - http://bettermustcome.blogspot.com/ - one of the first reggae music blogs I came across worth following. the man is consistent with his output

  6. Bettermustcome indeed - great link..great sounds music library!! Yeah Hootanany... sounds cool!