Thursday, 26 May 2011

What's your weather personality?

It's been a rainy day today and as usual for me it tends to impact on my mood a bit.

As a result.. as I begin to wind down for the evening I thought I'd think about the weather - as if it were a person ... aka what weather we as people may represent
So.. as you perhaps sit down to enjoy your evening also ( depending on where in the world you are of course) here's my guide to ..

Weather personalities

Hot – Energetic – magnetic and engaging - can wear you out

Sunny and warm - Cheerful and engaging. – Likes to attract others, and is supportive of their needs

Sunny but chilly – A bubbly person but is prone to easy upset and vengeance

Breezy - Difficult to pin down - a bit flighty and prone to mood changes

Windy – Forceful person - tends to act regardless of consequences to others

Cold – Unfeeling towards others - prone to inflexibility

Rainy - Reknown for bouts of winging

Drizzly – Prone to wimpish behavior - bit of a misery guts

Snowy – beautiful to look at but distant - will ether melt in your hands or become completely hard and difficult to manage

Cloudy – Very miserable – capable of spreading the misery among all they come into contact with

Foggy – Attention seeker. Bit of a talker. Hard to get a word in edge ways, difficult to understand what they are trying to say. Both confused and confusing at times


  1. Labels......can't I just be me?!?

  2. Of course you can Reggie. Having said that what makes us - us? we all have likes dislikes, moods, ways of being , thinking feeling, that may differ from someone else. Playful tables aside I think it's important to get to know who we are, what makes us tick( or not) and that can take time. Our past, our environment, our experiences (I feel) all combine to colour who we are and how we think. The more you know and understand yourself perhaps is the less likely you are to be easily led, and may also enable you to be...with confidence, and without apology.

  3. I learn a little more about me every day..ish:-)x

  4. I would have to say sunny and warm but get me hot and you're in for TROUBLE lol