Saturday, 21 May 2011

Rising out of the ghetto - stinking rich - thoughts become things...

Making your talent work for you - without compromising who you are - your values - your beliefs - and without harm to yourself or anyone else - can be most satisfying...and trigger the personal happiness and contentment that you may have searched long and hard for. For something that seems so simple - why is it so hard? And why do most people never quite get there?

To all of you this fine Saturday afternoon - dream your dreams - make them as big as you like and keep the faith. They say words without action serves no purpose - but every word serves a purpose. Write that word - say that word and let them propel you into action. Everything we see created by man began with a thought.

What are you thinking today?
Stinking rich anybody?

Remember - you can be rich in love too! - it's not always about the money!
Call a friend - enjoy the family - enjoy your solitude.. whatever you fancy doing today... stay safe.. and...

Have a nice day..x

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  1. Refreshing post Dawna. What am I thinking today?...am glad I have breath, health and a loving family who continue to support me through the good but have been exceptional through the worst times....so I am today grateful for the grace of a loving family