Monday, 2 May 2011

Good Girl vs Bad Girl..

You have a sixth sense at times that if others knew about they may call you a witch - bitch – or just plum crazy.

You possess both sinner and saint and pray they don’t appear in the wrong setting

You would dump your bloke if he didn’t measure up - but may blame it on something else

You once secretly fancied your blokes mate

You cook well but tend to stick a few well used dishes because… you can’t be bothered

Your boyfriend annoys you

Your life would make a great novel

You become more beautiful with age

You have an odd obsession with your butt

You are a great listener

You can talk for England

You like to wear your boyfriends t shirts in bed

You love call screener

You want your boyfriend to talk more

Sometimes talk less

You want to be swept off your feet

Beginning with a kiss

Are daughter
Do any of these ring true
That’s okay

Are woman

*It's great being a woman right??.. I waver the right to not confess to any of these;-) I'm a good girl - really I am!!


  1. Love this post rings so very true of when my left shoulder is having an argument with my right the good verses bad girl senario thank goodness my neck comes in to break up the brawl otherwise I would be up shit's creek LOL

  2. :) "You become more beautiful with age". like fine wine yeah?

  3. @Chrome.. exactly!!!
    @ ChilledLeo oh yes.. I know that scenario well! bad girl would have you do or say whatever wherever to whoever - while good girl will say - get a grip! ..chill! ;-)

  4. Love the post!!!

    Sometimes someone you don't even know is completely infatuated with your butt.........true.