Friday, 6 May 2011

Days of significance..

Well readers..another week is over!.

We’re a week older and hopefully a week wiser.
Despite a few chilly days - the week was pleasant enough - as I again had the opportunity to meet lots of interesting people… two writers back to back at one point.. one who said 'Never try and fight a battle using your enemies tools!... you have all you need!' It was quite a random conversation.. as we were not even on any subject relating to what he said..

With this beautiful weather we experienced today it’s fair to say the week has ended on a nice note.

Sometimes I think we go through life looking for answers...some we find – others we don’t..sometimes we may just drift - unsure of which road to take for the best - but mostly many of us live in anticipation of… days of significance.
By that I mean – a day that changes the way we think – feel – or act. A day that offers us clarity – confirms something - teaches us patience or compassion…shows us love...anything! These days of significance can sometimes pass us by without much fanfare or recognition – yet they are what makes us... us.

They are the glue that binds us – or divides us.

There are the obvious ones such as getting or starting a new job – or clearing a debt. Getting married – or having children. …and then you have the not so obvious ones. .. Things you don’t necessarily see but feel...
Days of significance rarely show up on demand – but the more open you are to life’s experiences - the more often they seem to appear.

Maybe someone or something is trying to tell us something… send us a message - and we just need to learn the language
If we listen with our hearts – to our hearts we will know!

Whenever I say ‘oh thank god the week is over ‘I usually end up saying something afterwards like… ‘Hey D..don’t wish your life away!’ – but I’m really not.. honest…I’m just looking forward to a new day!..hopeful of the joy it may bring!


  1. It was a beautiful week here in Charleston, even though it did rain like cats and dogs today.

  2. Hope you have a nice weekend! - maybe without so much rain!!