Friday, 27 May 2011

TGIFridayyyyyyy!!!!: -)

If you're reading this like me - then you made it through another week. I'm thankful... as things could always be very different.

Well...what did I learn today?

Well today I learnt that I have the ability to throw a complete 'strop' then shake it off almost immediately - with virtually no ill feeling towards whoever or whatever may have triggered it in the first place!

I also learnt that I actually enjoy throwing a little 'strop' every so often - and may even seek out a cause in order to do so lolx

Yep... it gets the blood flowing.. warrms me up a bit!

No seriously... as we bring this week to a close I think one of the main things I've learnt ( or have been reminded of!) is that I care a great deal about people... as even when they get on my nerves... the love still remains..;-)
Ah yes.. feeling centred ...I'm liking this!!
Happy Friday everyone..x


  1. Yes TGIFFFFFFFFF for sure am me likey this post very much Dawna.....I have had a few things happen this week which makes me thankful for family, breath, health, life and the good people around me...nice tune

  2. The more I know people, the more I like roaches. I feel you.