Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Does authority impact on our ability to show compassion..

Can institutions cause people to lose their humanity?. Can obedience to authority cause people to treat others overly harshly? - even at times going against their own values?. The reason I ask is because I've met a few people over the past few days who have had their benefits stopped for not applying for work/or at least having evidence of it. The removal of someones only source of income will mean they are unable to buy food - electricity or any of the other necessities that are needed - this increases for women. It also affects housing benefit which means they will incur rent arrears - and potentially face the threat of eviction.

There must be room for an individual /case by case approach when dealing with job seekers no? - more understanding? This made me think of the Milgram Experiment

Take a look..

We are all people - we can still have compassion

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