Thursday, 26 May 2011

Government spending cuts ...a difficult choice!!..

This Guardian article was brought to my attention via Twitter and it makes an interesting read. If the government really did put the needs of people first - what would that look like?

If you were faced with the choice of cutting services for the elderly against services to children and young people - which would you choose?

What about services for the disabled against the mentally ill? again... difficult choice.

How about services for the homeless vs those living in poverty?
Those affected by alcoholism vs drugs?

How do you decide?

Is it sinful to make cuts in certain areas?

What would you cut if you were in power?


  1. Life's about choices and some are much harder than others. I like to think that I'd make the practicle choice, but no matter what choices you make someone's gonna shit a proverbial brick because of the choice you made.

    There are no sinful choices. The worst decision made would be the decision not made.

  2. We had a huge March here..called 'March for the Alternative' ( against the spending cuts) although i'm not sure anyone really spelled out what the Alternative really was?? anyone know? forgive my ignorance if I missed it. I agree that whatever choice is made someone will feel - and be put out by ot. Choices can be very difficult to make, but as you said - life is about choices.

    When you try to put yourself in another persons shoes it helps you to realise the difficult nature of what they need to do. Regardless of the situation arose - we can't go back only forward. Anyone feel strongly about where cuts should be made?