Monday, 23 May 2011

Are there unspoken rules when taking the tube..bus or train..??

Has tube etiquette changed?
Travelling today I noticed that men will now race women to a free seat without apology.

One man actually puled the newspaper out from under me to read - without asking if it was mine or if it was okay to take it. Granted I perhaps shouldn't have been sitting on it but I hadn't noticed...until he began yanking at it that is. How about dogs on train seats? or smelly food eaten in the carriages.

One of the weirdest things I've seen is a pile of Orange peel in the middle of a seat! Who does that?

I wonder if we need to have a London Transport good etiquette guide. Quite happy to oblige Boris - or whoever else takes the reigns of governing London. Could be distributed freely - paid for out of current transport revenue.


  1. hahaha London Transport good etiquette guide I think we need one for sure. Some men have no manners these days for real....

    I remember when I was pregnant got on the tube one day and politely asked a young man if he could give me his seat, CHA he first looked me up and down as if to say are you really pregnant and secondly why should I give up my seat. Can you believe it the guy ignored my request and proped his Financial Times against his face again.

    Ok so I had to raise my voice before he heard me CLEARLY... really I didn't need to do that but the situation as it was had to be done!!!!

    Orange peel is nothing how about getting on at Camden town only to sit across from a drunk guy who was about to get down arrrrgggghhhh and there it was a wet patch dude had urinated on the seat YUCKKKKKKKKKK....

    I warned a few people the seat was wet but just imagine all that nastiness will dry up only for well dressed individuals to go plonk themselves there ewwww

  2. I see the subway is no different in London, than it is in New York City.

  3. :) yeah the underground can be danky. I once sat on a gum and that wasn't nice. But you miss it when you are abroad. remember the Australian guy who wrote an ode to the underground?

  4. Need to check that out Chrome! I remember the title more than the content. I suspect some countries would love a london bus or tube network or two!. Tell you what Reggie - the day of the orange peel scenario two Americans got on - saw it and said.. "Man... the English are 'nasty!" I felt so ashamed!! Chilled Leo.. there was a time I used to check for 'dampness' even now if the seat feels a bit off I'll move. Wont even tell you what one guy was doing at the back when I got there.. I was so scared it like I was glued to my seat - when every pore of my being screamed get up get away!!! ( don't think he was a well man) At times you can smell all sorts. some routes have improved abit but anytime the fair goes up - I shake my head and wonder if the people 'in the driving seat' pardon the pun really use LT at all. There must be a health and safety risk. Ewwwww indeed!