Saturday, 21 May 2011

Are Black Women Beautiful? ..asks the Doc...

So…Dr. Satoshi Kanazawa (Reader in Management at the LSE
(London school of economics and political science ) allegedly wrote and article in Psychology today mag stating that black women are the least physically attractive.

When I first heard that - part of me thought – is he crazy?? Black women are as sexy as f*** but in a heart beat – alas - the thought was gone – as I really couldn’t give two hoots.

But I thought I’d post my thoughts on it anyway… put it out there!

I look at women a lot ( no particular reason they just interest me ) and from my own personal point of view - I’ve seen attractive black women – I’ve seen unattractive black women - I’ve seen attractive white women – and I’ve seen unattractive white women - same goes for men – and same goes for every nationality out there. Which takes us to the real crux of the matter in my opinion. Beauty... really is – in the eye of the beholder. Don’t need a Dr to work that one out! – but every so often even they may need reminding.

Broken down - that simply means that we all see beauty from our own perspective. It’s very unique to us. Having said that - over time the European ‘standard’ of beauty has become the ‘norm’ and some countries that were colonized by Europeans back in the day still live with the legacy of that idea – which again - over time can become internalized - then played out etc.. ( it’s called white supremacy)

Yet even amidst all that – you have places in Africa and the Caribbean ( just for example/ there are other places!) where the most beautiful women are those who are considered to be very tall – slim - dark... or light - then you have places where the preference is for a lighter complexion – short and round - petite ...whatever.

Some women are fed incessantly to become fat so as to attract a husband. Others may rub red clay in their hair and skin and adorn themselves with jewelry – others starve themselves - others scar themselves. All over the world standards change.

Queen Elizabeth was so pale she looked as though she may be in need of a transfusion but I suspect she was no less attractive to her male courtiers - some love pale.

That’s another thing – what is considered beauty may also change as time passes. If a woman didn’t bath in those days it wouldn’t have been seen as an unattractive quality but now… ??

When we see someone who looks beautiful to us that can change once we get to know them – in that they may become very unattractive - and the most physically unattractive person can in contrast become very attractive once we get to know them.
The character /personality becomes what we find desirable.

So – it really isn’t an argument worth having. There is no argument...is there?

If Doc had taken a walk around Dalston Kingsland or any part of Hackney/ Brent/Brixton on a summers day I don’t think he would have even considered that research for a moment!. Who knows – speaking about revenge the other day – maybe this was his way of getting his own back on a hot black lover who dumped him!.. oooh.. juicy... is this how academics fight?.. wow - now that's cold!.

Tell you what – the worlds so messed up at times I half expected the Black African security guard to agree with Dr Kanazawa when he was being interviewed by the BBC!..but he didn’t – and he was very sweet… ‘ Black women are beautiful’ he said as he screwed up his face from the glare of the sun..’All women beautiful! Amen to that brother! .. phew.. knowing what you know you do get nervous sometimes…!!

So LSE students were up in arms and calls have been made for the Doc in the dock to resign. He wont. They may have pulled the article from Psychology today but my guess is - it will be back. It fuels debate and that’s what they want.
So – is it true ? are black woman least attractive. Nar!! Of course not

So there you have it folks – calm down. Nothing to see here. .. next

ps How you gonna ask a man anyway????...left to them we'd probably be swinging naked from an outside TV ariel - ensuring clarity of the flat screen as we recount the football scores...whist cracking open a can of stella with our thighs - all this after rustling up dinner while pleasuring them none stop simulatiously... I'm joking.. don't start on me!..

after all..me.. only.. woman.. me .. brain.. size of pea.. me ..dizzy from nail varnish!! need do more chores!!x


  1. Only one comment for this man complete NUMPTY.......

  2. Well the fact of the matter is seems this guy clearly has an issue regarding black women and all I have to say for this dude is complete....Numpty

  3. No.. seriously - I think any right minded intelligent individual would agree with you there ChilledLeo - always ineresting to see what gets mainstream airtime though;-)

  4. LOL Dawna not sure if he is french hmmmm am detecting you no wi wi ze french man :)

  5. ha ha It's crazy - dunno what's wrong with me and this French thing - it's insane!! just seemed to have ticked me off for some reason!! Used to have some French 'readers' pop by from time to time .. hey whe' you all at???...come back!! ha ha - no - me definetly no wid ze french man