Friday, 13 May 2011

Life in the Carribean...

I wonder - when you live in an environment like this what your stresses could be. I guess there are the usual things like maybe needing a doctor or finding work - but I rarely hear Caribbean islanders fret about things like that until they come to the UK.

I guess one downside is that you may feel as though you live in a goldfish bowl where everyone wants to know - or feel they have a right to know everything about you - limiting your privacy somewhat - but then an upside could be you never get lonely..

There are many beautiful places in the Caribbean and it's great to know that even after the devastation of the volcanic eruption in Montserrat that destroyed the town centre - rebuilding has begun.

Hmmm.. I feel less stressed just looking at it
Knowing me I'd miss those darn red London buses - and dreamy walks around Hackney Central..
Hackney looks kinda cool in the summertime though - brighter - whiter- bluer - greener - cleaner...Holiday home anyone?


  1. I think I could learn to live in a place like this. I love warm weather and big beautiful beaches; and I've got mad love for seafood.

  2. Ooh yes - a two mile early morning stroll along the beach - creating the 1st footprints of the day - the scent and sounds of beautiful sea water - clear blue skys - then enjoying freshly caught fish steam barbecued with some bread fruit for breakfast.. chatting to the dreads fishermen and tradeswomen - reading on the veranda - waving at passing bus drivers - tennis court - pool to keep you cool - siestas - helipad for emergencies - and... a strong steady income making it all possible!! yes.. a me dat!!