Saturday, 7 May 2011

Staying hopeful..

Have you ever noticed whenever you’re able to let go of something how relieved you feel?

You feel physically lighter – and your mind - less cluttered
Of course it helps if you're ready to let go - and you're not being forced to..

Yes..letting go – can be difficult – mainly because of the emotional attachment we place on things. As we allow things to become a part of our identity - letting go can feel as though we are losing a part of ourselves. Which is why it’s even more important to be discerning when inviting things or people into our lives – into our space. However – if we want to continue to grow as people – emotionally – spiritually – if we want to receive new things into our lives and pursue our life’s purpose and secure happiness - we may need to recognize when that time has come.
It can feel scary – but we will know.

I think that things come into our lives for a reason- a purpose – and it may be temporary - it may be forever… at least until the intended purpose has been fulfilled.
Much of life is about making the right connections... people - places - objects.
Have you ever noticed how you can be around someone and feel like you could stay with them forever yet with another person you may want to get away ASAP?
I think we all have a spiritual aura and sometimes they connect.. and sometimes clash...
Then there are times when you’re just completely at odds – as people!

If we cling on to what we have because we fear the future – we may never really know or experience the wonderful things that could be our reality.
That does not mean you should not value what you have. Value it yes – but sometimes to cling on to something is to destroy it – the tighter you cling the more energy you use – and the weaker you feel

Do not despair

Some things do last ‘forever’
Once you have found what you're looking for – you will no longer be compelled to search. You would not need to cling to it because its purpose in your life was always set to be long term – permanent - it's end destination was always - you

It's said that 'What is for you.. wont go by you!'
You will never fear losing it – and will be able to relax in the knowledge that you have made the right connection
You will feel it

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