Monday, 9 May 2011

Age aint nothing but a number??

I will admit - I get to talk to men of all ages - and although sometimes you can't tell a mans age - sometimes you can have a rough idea. Now although men regularly date women half their age or more I was wondering does it really work the same for women? Now you meet some 'nice' looking men - but it's not until they start talking do you realise.. o-k.. think we've got a young one here!.

And that .. is the problem. Life experience. When a man has limited or not very varied life experience - there's not much you can really talk about before you start to feel bored. And after you've ravished each other a few times - some talking gonna have to gwarn.. don't cha think?

They say men take longer to mature than women - so although he might be built to last...emotionally - he may be a little 'fresh' ( bit of an 'ankle nibbler')which sucks really for ladies when you think about it - because if that's true.. by the time they're ready for us.. they'd be way up in their 70's - by which time.. I doubt the desire will still be the same... not if you've still got fire in you!

So - do you pretend that you're a bit ditsy? roll your eyes behind his back a lot - and keep stum - or hold out for an oldy - that may struggle with the delights of all that is woman..

Hmmmm Sophie's choice

So - question...Is there an upper and lower age limit for grown women. 5yrs younger/5yrs older... 10 yrs older/10yrs younger/20 yrs older/20yrs younger??

Is conversation overrated anyway??
Maybe we should all just talk less......


  1. I'm been married for almost 22 years, I'm in my mid 40s now. I'm always surprised when younger women approach me........always.

    This year will be a unique year for me, sometime this year my marriage will come to an end. I'm not necessarily looking forward to dating again; but I do know this, I don't do dumb. I really don't care how good the package looks, if she's not up to my level intellectually, I wouldn't want her. After we're done making the beast with two backs, we need to be able to talk about something.

    While I have a serious appreciation for a nice set of ( @ )( @ ), I need a little more than that.

  2. I was up then down with that Reggie.

    For your marriage to have lasted 22yrs is quite an achievement!! many dont last 2.. so in many ways it could be viewed a success... a 22 yr success! never- the -less ...to here it will come to an end this year is hugely significant/life changing... and I wish you all the best with that transition!

    Well.. it's heartening to hear a man say he values conversation.. I think the most common perception is that men are visual/all about image.. and couldn't care less what a woman has to say so long as he fancies her!.. I do agree that a good conversation is worth it's weight in gold.. before and after.. if you know what I mean!.. If you have both ...in that you're intellectually and physically attracted to the person - you've hit the jackpot!

    Younger women have always liked older men.. take it from me;-) They are quite hot. Dating again? hold on to your hat.. I suspect things have changed a bit out there!! You may find hot - before you find smart.. hmmm what would you do then?? All to 'look forward to'

  3. LOL love the post :).....you know I have dated men 6 years older than me and find we tend to have a lot more in common....I tried the younger man senario at least 5 to 10 years younger and it just simply does not work....the gap in progress is always widened and this tends to pose an issue for the younger man who is finding their feet....

    As much as the bedroom frolicks maybe fun I don't think I would have the patience to change any more diapers..

    And yes an older man younger woman works because women do generally mature faster so would always be able to catch up in the race!!!!

  4. Yes ChilledLeo I agree - plus when you're the younger one you'll look and feel desirable - your smart enough to challenge him if needs be - and you can turn to him for his wisdom also. It's win /win. you keep him young and fresh - and you are young and fresh ( compared to him anyway :-)
    He'll appreciate it
    and they're more rugged/lived in/weather beaten -not so... smooth!!
    Oh hang on.. we've overlooked a potential problem... If they're stuck in their ways...startign to get grumpy..not open to new things.. carrying heavy hangups that they wont let go of.. but then.. it's his experiences.. so maybe some hangups are understandable..hmmmm maybe a 5 - 15yr max?