Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Music on 'lockdown' SOS Save our sounds!!

Seriously. I've got to get me a new music system!! My proper house set blew a few months ago.. 'ok' - I thought - 'don't panic'...'just wire up my PC...no bass but it'll do!' hmmm. Well - now the wire of the little toy speakers that were giving my tunes a little extra umph.. a little extra volume.. and me a reason to dance - has fallen apart..

What am I gonna do? When I'm in the zone I need to hear some music!!.. A trip to Comet is imminent!! or Curry's - one of those stores must be able to accommodate me!!
Don't get me wrong.. silence - I can do. Hmm yeah love it!!.. But - when I put down my books....
Oh nooooooo!! not the music...!!


  1. depends on how much you can afford. I'd suggest hitting Amazon, always a good deal on there and definitely lots better than currys and coment

    can't do without the food of love :)

  2. Hi Chrome.. thanks for the tip! I'll do that!
    ahh yes.. you know.. just can't do without...mind body and soul;-)...