Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Revenge.. Is it really worth it?/

Word has it that revenge is a dish best served cold.. I always wondered if it meant in order to serve it up you would have to be a pretty cold and ruthless person. Either way - is it worth getting back at an ex after a relationship has gone bad?
MP Chris Huhne it's been implied - is somehow a victim of some kind of smear campaign for having cheated on his wife... years ago!.. I suspect it's just a bit of gossip to fill column inches.. who knows

But it got me thinking..if someone hurts you - and you hurt them back how will that ever make you feel better? Wont you still hurt?.
If someone hurts you and you still love them - will hurting them make them suddenly fall in love with you?.. will that 'win them over?'
I think revenge is a floored strategy... seriously.
At it's mildest it can be very funny - at it's worst it can be quite sinister.

Tell you what though.. when it comes to affairs of the heart it doesn't matter how much money you have - or how famous you may be - heartbreak is no less painful - and emotional relationships no less tricky.

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