Sunday, 19 February 2012

Dave and da man...

Dave.. 'hmmm maybe if I just keep pouring long enough he'll stop staring at me'

Man... 'look at him.. knows f' all about me and me life.. as if pouring some effin' milk suppose to compensate for a bunch of shit policies..'

Dave... 'still pouring...anyway..that hat looks ridiculous.. how the hell do these people expect to be taken seriously dressed like that... bastard new I was coming... you think he'd have made an effort'

Man... 'last time I wore a suit was at me nans funeral.. these tossers wear 'em for breakfast'

Dave... 'I'm going to have to speak to him soon.. right... what do I know about porridge... ooh I know... I used to eat it'

Man... 'I hope he doesn't try talk to me about porridge'

Dave... Will these photographers take a damn picture and leave already... this 'at ease look' is beginning to ache

Man... 'bell-end'

Dave.. 'great they're leaving.. tally ho.. where's jeeves... tell him bring the car around would you.. there's a dear..'

1 comment:

  1. LOL I love the dialogue Dawna......I expect Dave knows NOTHING about the man, apart from the fact he (DAVE) ranks above and with the upper class and d man lives somewhere in impoverished England or does he even really care...am surprised he managed to keep his composure whilst pouring the milk!!!