Sunday, 26 February 2012

Sunday reflections..

Sunday morn, so far so good.
I’d finished cooking dinner by 7am, and have pretty much done my Sunday morn housework (minus cleaning the windows... which can wait another week) and so now have the rest of the day to do whatever.
The sun is out, and I’ve just fixed the outdoor broom so I do believe I will be heading first out front, then out back to make a start on its yearly transformation.
They’re not too bad, as messy gardens go... but it’s not me.
I have some cool wellies ..so I’ll either wear them or my trainers and 'trakky' to arouse the neighbours and give the kids a chuckle.
Another aspect of my day will include pampering me a bit. I like to think I deserve it .... so I’ll enjoy a really lazy bubble bath... do my hair , ( what’s left of my nails as I bite them .. yuk I know) and maybe watch a DVD with a glass of Guinness punch or wine.
I’ll leave a trip to Top Shop till in the week... it’s long overdue... and by far my favourite shop
(Although having said that, this year I would like to get more things made... bespoke one off items... that have Dawna written all over them... not literally of course!)

Yesterday I spent my afternoon in the study area of my local library where I read, dozed off, awoke, and read some more. Fortunately I was able to come up with the ‘perfect linking/ statement/ leading in to my second chapter.
I am currently reading a book called White... blam... how’s that for a title... it’s all about ‘whiteness’... written by a white man.. and if I could, I would shake his hand and thank him. It’s given me so much food for thought and cemented many things that I have mulled over as possibilities over the years.
Whiteness... the norm by which all else is measured... the’ un-raced’ ‘race’
Committed to liberal thinking once the ‘norm’ remains the ‘norm’... and ultimate and overarching power remains
The book was recommended to me, along with a few others which I will share with you in due course.


I have two 'Spring-time aims' so to speak... well three going on four really
One has been ongoing for many years buy a shed... erect a shed... put away tools and T’s mini bike... clear passage.
The other... for some reason ...out of the eight dining chairs I once had... only two currently work... I was going to take them to be repaired but I may just scrap that and buy a new dining table set altogether

The other, relay kitchen floor
Oh and one more for luck... tile the bathroom
Little things... that I often over look.
I have others but those I’ll use as a ‘marker’


The PM held 'talks' about Somalia in the week and today I stumbled across this article in the guardian
Solutions for Somalia?

Life appears to have very little value to many..
'Black life'.. even less

It made me wonder how much of ourselves are willing to give up for the pursuit of money.. the god of the godless?
Don't get me wrong.. I like nice things... but I'm not ruled by my desire for nice things, so much as to lose my humanity


I thought about Syria... watched the news bulletin
Then my thoughts lead me to this question
If you are not British.. or 'white' (to get to the point) should you ever join the British Army?..
If you do.. and you are deployed in your country of origin.. what then do you do?

On the up.. I really like the actor Bill Nighy.. and there's a new film out with him in it I can't wait to go see.. something about a hotel.. maybe weekend.. see how it goes

Over and out

Happy SMSx

Ps.. had a conversation a few weeks ago at work about Madonna... so I checked out the video for myself.. and can I just say I personally think she looks fantastic.. and age need not be a barrier to self expression..
Madonna has taken care of herself, exercises, and it shows... middle age doesn't have to signal an early decline to a slow boring death
Not everyone is designed for the spread...pipe... and slippers... let her be!!
Be happy in life

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