Sunday, 19 February 2012

Goodbyes.. 'Little ones' and Never Ending Love..

I was mesmerized by Whitney’s funeral yesterday. I thought she was given an amazing send off. The talent and love on display yesterday was truly inspiring.
I think there was something else on display there that is often blurred or shadowed by everyday life. But once in a while you look up...and there it is.


I’ve had my grandson with me. I pointed out Stevie wonder as he sang and he said...” I don’t know who that is!”. I said “listen and you will know”... To be fair... he’s only three.
Not as taken as me. Spot the Dog offered way more at that time

Even though it’s a bit chilly the sun is shining which makes me feel a whole lot better, and put me in the mood to begin to clear the garden/s a bit... front and back. Either that or it may just be a trip to the park to play.


I was thinking today that love doesn’t always come to you in the way you may expect. ( It can present you with a few challenges.. especially emotional ones) But when it does arrive at your door, there’s no denying that’s what it is.
Bless that gut wrenching, all consuming love I’ve talked about so often in the past, which I believe can serve any couple well, well enough to deal with any challenges that may come their way. I think that without it, it’s like going on a long journey without a full tank. It’ll only take you so far... but not all the way.

That... knock you off your feet love/passion that occurs in the first throws of love I believe occurs for a reason, and I truly believe it can be sustained...and need never fade away.

Those I know who ‘settled’ ( entered into a relationship without passion or real love) are unfortunately no longer happy. Yet they never were really happy, and they have since lost a little of their light/joy... especially when talking about love.

I believe we all possess certain frequencies and if we were able to see them, they would look perhaps a little like permanent electric currents in constant flow...that surround us, and sometimes... our currents connect with another... and that’s it... fits like a jigsaw
Yes.. a very poor attempt at describing a love connection I know but hopefully you got the picture, and that 'settling' is a force fit... possible for a while but quite tiresome.

Affairs of the heart
They seem easier when you’re younger as you don’t have as many responsibilities, or commitments as you do when you’re older, but yet, when you’re older, you have lived a bit... and therefore are more inclined to really know what you want

No one is ever to old to fall in love, and it's never to late to make changes..
Love can provide all the strength and courage that's needed..
Be happy
Happy SMSx

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