Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Talking about racism...

I attended a seminar yesterday on race and racism in the 21st century, which was well attended by people of diverse backgrounds, some representing organisations, others simply representing themselves.
I won’t go into too much detail but a conservation I had with a police officer from outside of London was interesting in that we discussed why black people were still afraid to join organisations like the B.P.A, or speak out about injustice.
He used the term ‘people become institutionalised’ and that is true. Not only in the police force, but in offices, and businesses up and down the country.
That is a debate we need to have.
A debate into why we are still allowing fear to hold us hostage. Why we are still allowing fear to cause us to go on the attack when faced... with black...when faced with the reality of racism

Racism in the 21st century is about the normality of white privilege, and the internalised fear and hatred of black, and perhaps to a lesser extent, other ethnic minority cultures here in the UK.
Yet perhaps, we also need to have a debate about whether it’s fair to expect a black person to be a representative, when it really isn’t ‘them’... not all people are born for that purpose.. and perhaps we need to recognise that...

Still... I think we need to 'clear the air'


  1. I experience this fear, and can be irrational sometimes. A friend joined the police a few years ago, zero encouragement. His was disappointed that no one in his "so called educated" circle thought it was a good idea, like how can one change things if not from also within. we were generally like "brethren! yeah, all good, but it's 5-0?". is he right? or are we wrong? rhetorical almost


  2. I think he's right Chrome but I will also say something which may sound a little odd. There's more to 'being black' than the colour of one’s skin...
    A black face doesn't necessarily equal representation, as many have proven to be a hindrance with regards to the ‘fight against racism’
    I think we do need more black officers... and if i could i would prefer to see more Black British ‘homegrown’ officers, who know and understand the UK B.B cultural history, as i feel they could be best placed to really turn things around. No disrespect but there are a few African recruits who are like... racism?? eh? ..what?..where?.. what does that mean.. am i black?.. me?...i’m not black .. i’m African.... yawnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

    Difficulty is ... from what I’ve heard... for black recruits...the police 'are not easy'. One minor slip up and they could have you... big time...
    I would advise any new recruit to join the B.P.A and be active... there can be strength in numbers... and they will hopefully provide support.. esp during 'tough times'
    Joining the police should be an honourable job. in fact... it is!...It’s just a shame that the actions of some have dishonoured it.

    Still wanna meet up after what I said?:)

  3. I'm very offended by .. dont be silly d, its ur blog and u are entitled to .. buy me a drink and all is forgiven ;) seriously though, views and opinions move these difficult topics along. sensitive gets u nada. we black people sit on fence too too much.

    I agree with you that we need more homegrown in there. my friend did say its hard but the B.P.A support and representation is very good. They certainly need a more visible presence among the youth

    how ironic, i just walked past a police stand in waterloo promoting safety, manned by a black (was he african? couldnt tell ;~) police officer and his asian colleague. well, er only because of our discussions :-)

    couple of weeks time?

  4. Damn!!.. I have a deisre to offend you Chrome boy.. or at least... get you so worked up i can almost see steam emerging from your reply... note to self... must try harder! :)

    I wont be buying you a drink. I've decided black men to to learn how to treat women..... and that includes a lesson in chivalry...how's that my friend... pissed off yet??

    Couple of weeks sounds good to me:)x

  5. Racism is the same all over the world. It's about white privilege and the need to place blame on someone..........anyone but you.

    Oh.....and it's silly too.