Saturday, 11 February 2012

Well.. If Harry doesn't want the England job.. there's still Hope... literally..

It's possible, that a woman is just what is needed to whip the boys into shape:))

Hope Powell.. hmmm we're a forward thinking nation are we not? .. do you think they'll even consider her?
If not.. why not?

*Now those are the poll results I'd like to see.. that way, perhaps we can really discover whether the fans really are a bunch of misogynistic racist arseholes... or whether.. they're really not:)

* forgive me.. I don't know much about football or the psychology of the average football fan... I just have a lay persons tiny interest :))


  1. No, you got it right - the majority are misogynistic, racist arseholes. Sure there are those who aren't, but they follow teams like Partick Thistle or Forest Green, teams you would only pay money to watch because you love the game - there's no success to celebrate with teams like that, no joy in watching them except for the 'beautiful game' unfolding in front of you.


  2. interesting choice. some would say it has to be someone who's managed in the premier league or some other high pressured environment like that. but I say why not? eff all eriksson and cappello did in their time. the other usual suspects are bunk - 'arry wont take it cos there's no bung money in it - so lets go a different route. if anything I'd say Powell is overqualified lol! on the real her CV is glittering and she'd handle coaching the England mens football team with aplomb

    you are onto something here Madam Lee ..

  3. "'arry wont take it!!"... lol!!
    Hey.. what's the saying.. 'straight outa left field?'
    Women huh Chrome.. don't y'all just love us:))

    oohh... would be sooo inter-wes-ting....
    Watch the team WIN for a change lol...