Saturday, 4 February 2012

F.G.M / female genital mutilation..aka 'Cutting'...

I attended an event today about FGM

Oh lordy
It was actually a great event.. very informative speakers, including women who gave first hand accounts of how it has affected them in their lives, and why they now speak out against it

Several reasons for it's continued practice were discussed such as...

An uncut woman is unclean, and will not be able to marry
Men prefer it tight
It's cultural
It's religious
and many more

all of which were rightly dismissed by the Doctor as total rubbish...
He talked about the various types of FGM

All the men present spoke out against it, and would never want that to happen to their daughters...and they were also baffled at what was referred to as heightened sexual pleasure supposedly gained by the men
In fact.. they were horrified

When a woman's only option in life is to marry a man.. that's not an option
surely an option means choice..
Many of these women have no choice
But if enough of them stand up for what's right and say no... it will stop

If all girls remained 'uncut' these 'men' would have no choice but to take one of them as his bride..

It would appear that FGM is also about control
It's aim to ensure that the woman gains no pleasure from sex, and to curb her sexual desire ( limiting her chance of ever desiring another man no doubt)

Eughhh.. so many thoughts and emotions I went through hearing these stories
and we wonder why some communities seem 'isolated'

A lot of things are occurring under our very noses, which often takes precedence over things like education or jobs..

For some of these women... coping with every day uses all the energy they have

Someone mentioned a common thread... get cut.. marry young ( or child marriage) endure domestic violence

Not cool... no matter how some may want to dress it up


*warning .. contains some graphic images*

ps I forgot to mention earlier that in the UK FGM is against the law, and anyone found out to be arranging it, engaging in it/conducting it, can be sent to prison for up to 14years.. although no one has been prosecuted yet)


  1. Yeah I read about this years ago, it's disturbing as hell!!!

    1. Woow you are right this is about CONTROL just doesn't bare thinking about the pain and mental scaring WHY???

      This whole idea of mutilation was practised in Ghana back in the day for slightly different reasons non-theless still nonsense. Differentiation between tribes consisted of using a knife to make an inprint in both the men and women's faces so WRONG!!!! The Fante, Ga and Northen Region part of Ghana were notorious for this. Why because they were convinced this ritual would prevent convulsions....SMH