Saturday, 4 February 2012

Emotions exist to be felt...

I'm quite comfortable with my emotions...
Quite happy to express them, feel them, wallow in them on occasion... and why not?...
They belong to me and they’re real to me...
What may trigger a surge of emotion could be either truth or fallacy... but the emotion itself is real enough
Why am I saying this?

Well because often it’s implied that we should suppress our emotions... be diplomatic, stoic... etc ect...
Often we’re told to show emotion is a weakness... unless you’re an MD of a large company and the emotion is hard arsed aggression (then its okay.. hmmm just not recommended for the heart perhaps)...

I’m told that things that bother us are a reflection of that which we harbour in ourselves...
If that be true... I must be harbouring a whole lot of stuff... because lots of things grate on me...
Things that grate
1. Fake ass people who don’t practice what they preach.... aka insincerity
2. Male on female domestic violence (yeah men get beat too but not as often... just so you know... I don’t like that either)
3. Dishonesty (which is different to being insincere... I think
4. Pigeons
5. Time sheets
6. Having to ask for something twice.. or thrice (that's my limit:)
7. Food packed with way too much ‘hidden’ salts or sugars
8. Rape as a weapon of war... well any rape really but I’m particularly disgusted with that
9. War... it’s really not the answer.. when will we learn
10. Dogma
11. Spiteful or bitchiness
I’ll stop there but you get my drift...

So... If these things bother me... it apparently says something about me...
What?...angry girl?.. too emotional? too sensitive? who knows

Still...don’t knock anger... it can be very useful indeed if used correctly.. felt it on and off for years.. and not a war in sight :-)


  1. Hey I like to get my feelings out, that's what I was doing in my most recent post.

    I've come to realize though that the more I know people, the more I like roaches.

  2. Time sheets why oh why have an ISSUE with filling out a sheet that means nothing just a waste of ones time!!

  3. Why oh why indeed.. still.. it is what it is..

    Reggie your recent post was the most 'magnificant' cuss i've ever read.. outstanding... I would never wish to argue with you, for I would surely lose :-).. I hear you btw

  4. We're emotional creatures. God forbid we should ever become so rational, so logical that everything boils down to economics or pragmatism. Lose the emotions and we should leave the unemployed to starve, the infirm and non productive to die, give the disabled a pill at birth to despatch them. It's emotions politicians are terrified of - they can't control those, can't rationalise them away. If you're unhappy or angry that job cuts will be a consequence of bad housekeeping by the govt - then no economic argument will calm you. Rationalism and logic loses. The 'feelings' of the people have to be considered.

    Keep raging Dawna - there may come a time when it's all we have left to keep the powers that be in check.